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Brittany E. Brinegar
Cozy Mystery Box Sets

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Reader's Favorite Lines
  • "I moved to California with a clear set of goals. Find an agent. Land a television show. Become a star actress. Easy peasy."​

  • "A piece of the concrete structure crumbled into a brick-sized piece. Rhubarb protruded. No that's the pie, what was the rusty iron bar called?"

  • "Somehow, I would clear my name from the suspect list. I channeled Rick Castle and asked what he would do in a similar situation."

Reader's Favorite Lines
  • "I was like Veronica Mars. I fired sarcastic retorts at my foes... later at home, in my head."

  • "Rear Window - an all-time classic whodunit featuring Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, and the guy who played Perry Mason."

  • "I think I know whodunit. It all comes back to the teacup."

Reader's Favorite Lines
  • I half expected the fiddlers to break into a Devil Went Down to Georgia competition. But which woman would play the role of the devil? Neither struck me as the hero of the song.

  • He’s the type of guy to leave the murder weapon and a truckload of evidence behind and wonders how the cops managed to catch him.

  • Hit songs aren’t made to last anymore. Not like Mama Tried. No one’s going to remember Pickup Drinkin’ in a year.

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