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In Hollywood, Becky is a rising star. 
In Lake Falls, she’s a fallen one.

Becky Robinson was on cloud nine when she snagged her first recurring role on the hottest television show in Hollywood. But just as she was packing her bags for stardom, her world turned upside down. She discovers her credit in shambles, her identity swiped, and thousands in debt.

Determined to clear her name and get back to her rising career, Becky follows the digital breadcrumbs to her hometown of Lake Falls, Texas. She plans to keep her return under wraps, not wanting her family and closest friends to know about her humiliation.

But in a small town, secrets are a rare commodity and news of her arrival spreads like wildfire. Just when Becky thought things couldn't get worse, she stumbles upon her identity thief - DEAD.

As the past resurfaces, and old faces reappear, Becky realizes the murder hits too close to home. In a town where everyone knows everybody’s business, she must unravel the truth before her cozy hometown turns into a chilling crime scene.

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