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She’s Little. She’s Feisty. Spoiler Alert, She’s Not the Killer.

Move to Hollywood. Catch her big break. Become a movie star. Nowhere on Becky Robinson’s to-do list does it say discover a dead body or become the prime suspect.

Becky’s first day on set is anything but glamorous. Between coffee runs and walking the star dog, she discovers the body of a prominent actress. Not exactly how she pictured seeing her name in the papers. And they didn’t even spell it right.

After finding evidence at the crime scene, the cops are on her trail and a Hollywood hunk is in the hot seat.

To clear her name and discover whodunit, Becky rubs elbows with Tinseltown insiders. With the help of her best friend and an adorable puppy, they attempt to expose the killer before he claims his next victim.

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Prime Time Murder is the whimsical first installment in the Hollywood Whodunit cozy mystery series.

If you love clumsy heroines, a Hollywood backdrop, quirky suspects, and an adorable rescue puppy this series is for you!

Book Quotes

"I moved to California with a clear set of goals.  Find an agent.  Land a television show.  Become a star actress. Easy peasy"

"A piece of the concrete structure crumbled into a brick-sized piece.  Rhubarb protruded.  No that’s the pie, what was the rusty iron bar called?"

"Somehow, I would clear my name from the suspect list.  I channeled Rick Castle and asked what he would do in a similar situation."

Book Reviews

"Can't wait to read what the author brings out next." - Top Amazon Reviewer

"You will definitely enjoy reading this cozy mystery." - BookBub Reviewer

"A wonderful cozy mystery, lots of quirky and interesting characters make this a fun read!"

- BookBub Reviewer

"Great characters, interesting location and fun plot make a great lighthearted read." - Goodreads Reviewer

"A very fast paced, intriguing and entertaining read." - BookBub Reviewer

Prime Time Murder (Teasers)

Prime Time Murder (Teasers)
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Prime Time Murder  - Hollywood Whodunit 1 (Book Trailer)

Prime Time Murder - Hollywood Whodunit 1 (Book Trailer)

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1) Hollywood Whodunit

1) Hollywood Whodunit

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2) Meet Becky Robinson

2) Meet Becky Robinson

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3) Murder on the Set

3) Murder on the Set

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