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Red Herrings & Pink Flamingos

Natural causes?
A little pink birdie told me otherwise.

What looks more impressive on a resume? Nosy amateur sleuth or struggling no-name actress? Neither one pays the bills and Becky Robinson has a lot of bills. So, when she’s invited to the reading of her rich Uncle Al’s will, she daydreams about her inheritance.


The problem, Becky doesn’t have an Uncle Al. And she never met the deceased.


The mysterious stranger leaves her a ceramic flamingo with a hidden message. Turns out her fake uncle was murdered and she was hired from the grave to find whodunit.


The investigation into Al’s reclusive life leads Becky undercover with the eclectic Robinson family. Can she blend in and catch the killer or will another fake heir blow her cover?


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Red Herrings & Pink Flamingos (Secret Inheritance)
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