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Meet the Big Apple Cast

Big Apple Murder Cast

Big Apple Murder - Recurring Characters

Becky Robinson

Becky Robinson

Amateur sleuth/Actress

Prime Suspect: Plays NYPD Officer Meg Shannon

Other Works: background work on Outlaws & Angels, supporting role in Castle Island Murder

Lois Vo

Lois Vo

2nd Assistant Director

Loyal best friend to Becky

Other works: Directed the detective agency commercial to much acclaim.

Justin Woods

Justin Woods

Actor/Former Stuntman

Prime Suspect: Plays NYPD Detective Nick Casey

Other Works: Outlaws & Angels; guest star

Jimmy Romano

Jimmy Romano

NYPD Police Officer

Anticrime division

Cousin of Samantha and Lizzie Brown

Ashton Ashley

Ashton Ashley

Star Actress

Prime Suspect: Plays NYPD Detective Amelia Blake

Other Works: Mandy's Home, Heather's Imperfect Day, Outlaws & Angels


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Big Apple Murder

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