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Twin Bluebonnet Ranch Mysteries

Teachers, Tricks, and Time Capsules

Secrets in a time capsule aren’t meant to stay dead and buried.


Silent Nights and Shoplifting

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the mall
Not a soul was shopping, they’re stealing from y’all.


Antiques, Alibis, and Auctions

Hidden treasures can be deadly.


Rodeo, Ransom, and Fireworks is a rootin' tootin' Fourth of July mystery that will keep you on the edge of your saddle!

Rodeo, Ransom, and Fireworks

The fireworks started early but this ain’t their first rodeo.


Uncover the ink-stained secrets as literary legends come alive in Ghostwriters and Gravediggers.

Ghostwriters and Gravediggers

Whispers of the Past. Mysteries of the Present.


Get ready for a berry-filled whodunit that will leave you craving both pie and justice.

Secrets, Lies, and Poisonberry Pies

A sweet feud turns sour, and the twins must find the killer berry fast.


Friday Night Frights

Uncovering the truth is her game, but in Goodnight, Texas, the ghosts play to win.


Turkey, Thievery, and Twins

They wanted a feast, but what they got was a mystery with all the trimmings.


Sleuths, Sabotage, and Sandcastles

The only thing hotter than the Texas sun is a sandcastle competition worth kidnapping for.


Ballots, Belles, and Blackmail

Judges bribed, election tied. Every smile hides a secret hotter than a jalapeno.


Texans, Tourists, and Treachery


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