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My Dog Eats Altoids

Everything excites my little dog.

Whether it be a drive in the car

Or sleeping like a log.

B-A-T-H makes her run and hide

But once she’s shiny and clean

She prances around with poodle pride.

Black and white with snowy boots

She makes for a perfect mix

Of Pekingese and Poodle roots.

Smart with her own little charm.

Most mornings,

She serves as my wake up alarm

She’s an instigator with other dogs

But offers a kiss

To right all her wrongs.

She eats more than a big black bear.

And runs to the dinner table

Where she has her own chair.

Dog food is her last resort.

She much prefers French Fries, Chicken,

And an Altoid for dessert.

“Bye-bye” are her favorite words to hear

And from her spot on my lap

She “helps” me steer.

Nikki is my very best friend.

She knows more words

Than any dog ought to comprehend.

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