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My Favorite Sitcoms

Updated: May 6, 2021

  1. I Love Lucy

  2. The Office

  3. The Dick Van Dyke Show

  4. Cheers

  5. Seinfeld


I Love Lucy


181 Episodes

A housewife gets into a pickle and drags her best friend along for the ride.

I Love Lucy invented the sitcom and the need for syndication. That reason alone secures the #1 spot on my list. The show also happens to be hilarious. Lucy Ricardo is the classic sitcom schemer. Week after week, she finds a new way to cause trouble. The physical comedy of Lucille Ball has almost never been matched (see #3). She can transform from elegance in one scene to absolute slapstick in the next. Ricky, Fred, and Ethel round out the cast. A perfect foil to Lucy.

Lucy Ricardo: [Lucy gets caught spying on the neighbors] I was, uh... bird-watching!

Ricky Ricardo: Bird-watching?

Lucy Ricardo: Uh, yeah! Do you know that there's a yellow-bellied woodpecker on our lawn?

Ricky Ricardo: No, but I know that there's a red-headed cuckoo in the living room.

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The Office


188 Episodes

A documentary follow ordinary people working at northeastern paper company.

The Office is my favorite "newer" comedy. It was the first sitcom I watched live and set a high bar for subsequent shows. Michael Scott "manages the office" one inappropriate joke at a time. Jim is the prankster salesman trying to make it through another boring day. Dwight is the pushy assistant to the regional manager. Pam, the receptionist, is the heart off the office. Together the create a hilarious environment where work somehow manages to get done.

Michael Scott: I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

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The Dick Van Dyke Show


158 Episodes

A television comedy writer navigates work and home life, one clumsy adventure at a time.

The physical comedy of Rob Petrie, the calm presence of his wife Laura, and the one-liners from Buddy Sorrell make this show #3 on my list. A perfect blend of slapstick and wisecracks, I dare you to watch without cracking a smile.

[Laura just admitted that she told a TV audience Alan Brady is bald]

Rob Petrie: Well did you know it was a secret?

Rob Petrie: Oh sure, what's the fun of telling something if it's not a secret?

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271 Episodes

A place where everyone knows your name.

The episodes are anchored in a bar owned by a former Red Sox pitcher, Sam Malone. The ensemble cast includes regular patrons and staff. This unique story based around a place, makes for hilarious shenanigans. The edition of Dr. Frasier Crane was brilliant. The bar slowly dragged a pompous psychiatrist into their world.

One area where Cheers excelled, is cast turnover. Most shows lose a lead and struggle to continue. Cheers weathered the exit of Diane, and one can argue, became a stronger show.

Diane: Sam, may I have a brief word with you?

Sam: I suppose you could, but I doubt it.

Norm: Morning, everybody!

Woody: Beer, Mr. Peterson?

Norm: Little early in the day isn't it, Woody?

Woody: Little early for a beer?

Norm: No, for stupid questions.

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172 Episodes

A show about four people who never do anything.

Seinfeld perfected the art of simple stories intertwined within an episode. With a motto of "no hugs and lessons", the cast never learns from their mistakes. Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian and the common denominator between his friends. George Costanza is the unemployed best friend and a brilliant liar. Kramer is the kooky neighbor who steals food and invades boundaries. Elaine Benes is the opinionated ex-girlfriend dragged into the hijinks.

George Costanza: What kind of a person are you?

Jerry: I think I'm pretty much like you, only successful.

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*Pictures and Quotes pulled from IMdB*

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