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Top 7

New York City Dramas

Weekly Britt Top 7 - New York Dramas

To follow up last week's post about my Top 7 NYC sitcoms, I'm detailing my favorite Big Apple dramas! You might question some of my answers or think I'm bending the rules but if you disagree, drop your Top 7 in the comment section.

So, let's get right to it!

7. Blue Bloods

Love Tom Selleck! I only saw the first 3+ seasons of the show and stopped watching soon after Danny got a new partner. If I knew it was going to last this many years, I would have stuck with it longer. It might be time to revisit this show in streaming...

6. 24 – Season 8

Here's where you might accuse me of cheating since most of the show took place in L.A. but season 8 was in New York City. I’m a big fan of 24 but 8 is my least favorite season. They kill off a great character for no reason, the mole was obvious... even the return of Charles Logan couldn’t quite save it. That being said, it's still Jack Bauer saving the world which always makes for great television.

5. Agent Carter

A potentially obscure entry but I really enjoyed this short-lived show even though I'm not a huge Marvel fan. What I do love is anything that takes place in the 1940s (which is one reason I write historical mysteries). Peggy Carter as a spy in the 1940s was such a fun concept and I wish it lasted longer.

4. Suits

Loved Suits from the beginning and it's really fun to see people find the show again now. A genius guy pretends to be a lawyer. What a concept! My only issue with the show was they recycled plot points too often. How many times is somebody going to try to steal the firm or expose Mike's secret? But great characters make up for any story issues.

3. Fringe - (Alternate Universe)

You might think this is a stretch but it’s my list and I love Fringe. While the show mainly took place in Boston, scenes from the alternate universe were in NYC. So, I’m counting it. And yes, I did say alternate universe. This show is like X-Files... but better. (And I'm a big X-Files fan).

2. Castle

Ya'll knew this was coming, right? For me, the best part of Castle is the two leads – Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. Their bickering (ala David and Maddie of Moonlighting) makes for excellent television.

1. NYPD Blue

I first watched NYPD Blue a few years ago and after I started, I binged the series at a record pace. They have a great mix of good cops (who aren’t perfect people) and interesting cases. I learned a lot of my cop lingo from Blue… as did my character Becky Robinson. When you read Big Apple Murder, take note of my references to Sipowicz, Simone, Medavoy and all the others 15th Squad.

NYPD Blue, Castle, Fringe, Suits, Agent Carter, 24, Blue Bloods

Honorable Mentions

Mad Men

I had a love-hate relationship with this show. I enjoyed the 60s time period, and I loved the advertising stuff. But sometimes, you need a hero to root for and at the root, every character on this show was a terrible person.

Gilded Age

I actually forgot this show was based in New York. It is a spinoff of Downton Abbey but didn't live up to its predecessor. I watched season 1 but the long wait made me uninterested in the second season.

Law and Order

I know a lot of y'all are going to mention this show or one of the many other versions, but I've never watched any of them. There are 20 plus seasons of each spinoff and that's a lot to catch up on.


Thank you for reading this week's Top 7 List!

I hope you enjoyed and are adding some new shows to your watch (or rewatch) list.

Did I leave out one of your favorites?

Comment below with your Top 7 NYC dramas.

*Tip: Log-in with your Google account so you'll be notified when I respond. And yes, I do respond to every comment.

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Dwayne Keller
Dwayne Keller
Jun 09

Where is White Collar?!?!?!?!

Dwayne Keller
Dwayne Keller
Jun 09
Replying to

I loved White Collar. And I've learned thry are makin a spin off of Suits and continue White Collar.


Jun 09

Sipowicz is such a fantastic character. Maybe one of the top male drama characters in TV history. He's in the discussion with Columbo, J.R. Ewing (Dallas), Sawyer and Locke (LOST), Walter Bishop (Fringe), and Raylen Givens (Justified).

Brittany Brinegar
Brittany Brinegar
Jun 09
Replying to

👍 Totally agree! Those are great TV characters. May I suggest Patrick Jane (Mentalist) or Seeley Booth (Bones) to finish off your Top 7?

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