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Secrets, Lies, and Poisonberry Pies

Secrets, Lies, and Poisonberry Pies

A sweet feud turns sour, and the twins must find the killer berry fast.

Lake Falls’ Berry Jamboree is the summer’s most anticipated attraction. Amidst the friendly rivalry, families are torn apart as they take sides, vying for the coveted titles of Lady Strawberry and Lord Blueberry. But this year, the festival takes a deadly turn when Lord Blueberry, the face of the blueberry clan, is found with his nose buried in a poisonberry pie.

Caught in the crossfire are twin sisters Samantha and Lizzie, each representing opposite factions in the berry-filled feud. But when fingers point to Lizzie’s pie as the murder weapon, the sisters must put aside their differences and team up to crack the case.

The bonds of sisterhood are put to the test as Samantha and Lizzie navigate a maze of secrets, betrayals, and mouthwatering clues. In the race to unmask the killer, they realize anyone could be harboring a taste for murder. Can they uncover the truth behind this berry-infused mystery and restore harmony to their beloved festival?

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Get ready for a berry-filled whodunit that will leave you craving both pie and justice.

Secrets, Lies, and Poisonberry Pies
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