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Who killed Clarissa Braxton?

As part of our release day celebration, let's take a poll to see how good of a detective you are. Based off your gut impression (NO SPOILERS) who do you think killed the matchmaker?

Be sure to cast your vote below!

Who killed Clarissa Braxton?

  • The Family

    • Beauregard Braxton - the husband

    • Prudence Leclercq - the twin sister

  • The Clients

    • Lady Anne Worthington

    • Felix Maxwell

    • Gwen Smythe

  • The Employees

    • PI Zeb Lange

    • Opal Vaughn - Assistant

    • Harwood Grayson - Handyman

The killer is hiding in one of these groups. Can your keen detective's eye identify which one?

Think you know whodunit?

  • The Family

  • The Client

  • The Employee

Are you an ace detective worthy of joining the Heist Society?

Read Death by Matchmaker to find out!

Penelope, Margo, and Tobias

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