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Death by Matchmaker

Playing Cupid can be deadly.

Death by Matchmaker

The last person anyone expects to meet their demise is Clarissa Beaumont, the esteemed matchmaker with a knack for pairing Dallas' rich and famous. But when Clarissa is found stabbed in her opulent home, the city's social scene is thrown into chaos.

Against her boss’ orders, fashion-forward detective Penelope van Kessler dives into a world where society's whispers and matchmaking schemes intertwine. As she investigates the secretive lives of Clarissa's closest circle, she discovers a web of romantic entanglements, family discord, and disgruntled clients with hearts scorned.

But when Penelope’s top suspects all offer ironclad alibis, she finds herself channeling the deductive prowess of Sherlock Holmes to piece together a puzzle that shatters the police department’s open and shut case.

Will the shadowy figure be unmasked before someone else takes a dagger to the heart? Or will trusting her instincts prove to be Penelope’s antidote to heartbreak?

Dallas, 1924

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Death by Matchmaker
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