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Ghostwriters and Gravediggers

Ghostwriters and Gravediggers

Whispers of the Past. Mysteries of the Present.

Beneath the surface of this idyllic Texas town, a storm is brewing. Graves are mysteriously dug up under the cloak of darkness, and local shops fall victim to daring robberies. The baffling part? Witnesses claim to have seen the spirits of literary legends at the crime scenes — Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, and Agatha Christie.

The local private investigator dismisses the ghostly claims and pawns off the case on his assistant – Lizzie Brown, a tenacious teen sleuth with a keen eye for detail and a determination to prove herself.

As Lizzie delves deeper into the investigation, she discovers perplexing clues, hidden motives, and literary references that stretch beyond the boundaries of time. She traverses gloomy Gothic landscapes with Poe, engages in witty banter in Austen's elegant society, embarks on thrilling adventures with Twain, and employs Christie's methodical approach to solving crimes.

Can Lizzie decipher the cryptic connections between the ghostwriters and the crimes plaguing Lake Falls? Or will uncovering the truth tarnish her reputation?

Uncover the ink-stained secrets as literary legends come alive in Ghostwriters and Gravediggers.

Ghostwriters and Gravediggers
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