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Fool's Gold Murder

Knowing where the bodies are buried takes a golden touch… And a bit of dumb luck.

Fool's Gold Murder

Becky Robinson and the gang are off to gold country to film the pilot for an old west TV show. But her arrival in the ghost town spells trouble when her dog, Lorelai unearths a skeleton and a treasure map.

The unexpected discovery sparks a century-old legend and afflicts residents with a severe case of gold fever. Too bad the victim turns out to be the missing doctor. With a fortune up for grabs, anyone can be pushed to murder.

To solve the cold case, Becky must infiltrate the local cliques while also juggling her day job. Can she arrest the killer before she’s fired? Or will the multitasking turn into a fool’s errand?

Fool's Gold Murder

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Fool's Gold Murder
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