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Music City Murder

Murder's Been Committed on Music Row. Spoiler Alert, They Got the Wrong Girl

Music City Murder

In a family of overachievers, it’s difficult to measure up. Especially if you’re a no-name actress desperate for approval. So, when Becky Robinson’s country music star cousin is accused of murder, she jumps at the chance to save the day and prove her place in the family.

With the stakes higher than ever, Becky and her team travel to Nashville to investigate. The victim, a feared record producer, is found stabbed in his nightclub after a public argument with her cousin. Talk about bad timing.

The police arrested the wrong girl and they aren’t looking for alternate suspects. To find the real killer, Becky goes undercover in the cutthroat music industry. But when a clever ruse turns reckless, someone closest to her pays the price.

Can Becky clear her cousin and gain her family’s respect? Or will the killer take her as his next victim?

Music City Murder

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Music City Murder
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