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Stand-In Murder

Without proof, the killer gets away with suicide.

Stand-In Murder

A house sitter is found dead in a ritzy California mansion and the police are eager to sweep her suicide under the rug. But when amateur sleuth Becky Robinson notices inconsistencies at the crime scene, she makes it her mission to prove murder.

Desperate for a lead, Becky and the gang investigate a string of neighborhood robberies. But the only link between the crimes is a priceless tea set from the golden age of Hollywood.

Tracking the missing valuables puts Becky in the crosshairs of a skilled cat burglar who will stop at nothing to remain anonymous.

Can the wild goose chase unmask the house sitter’s killer before the case is closed? Or will Becky be cast as a stand-in for the next crime?

Stand-In Murder

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Stand-In Murder
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