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A Patsy & a Pastry

Murder in a small town? That’s how the cookie crumbles.
A rise in tourism is icing on the cake.

After riding the coattails of her fellow detectives, Becky Robinson lands her first paying client. A bookstore owner believes her baker ex-husband is trying to kill her and hires Becky to prove it.

Residents of the idyllic coastal town dismiss the claim as a work of fiction until a flour-covered skeleton sparks rumors of a conspiracy.

The bakery can’t sugarcoat this murder - they’re caught bread-handed. Knead not worry, Becky is undercover. Cooking skills? Nah, but she’s an actress, she can fake it until she bakes it.

Can Becky discover whodunit before it’s too late? Or will another victim meet their baker?

A Patsy & a Pastry
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