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Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance

Rolling hills, ghostly mists, and a royal twist. A dance with death lurks beneath the English fog.

In the enchanting English countryside of 1950, a chilling mystery unfolds. CIA agents Jenny Nicolay and Sawyer Finn find themselves fish out of water as they cross the pond to investigate a forgotten cold case - the murder of an MI6 agent.

Against orders and risking their careers, the young spies dig deep into the shadows of the past, to uncover long-buried secrets. But as the fog thickens, they realize they're not just chasing Ghosts.

With an assassin targeting a member of the royal family. Jenny and Sawyer must navigate the treacherous landscape of English aristocracy and infiltrate the castle at Bellbrooke Abbey.

Can they uncover the traitor in Parliament before Big Ben ticks its final chime? Or will their blossoming romance meet an untimely end, making their second date a dance with death?

Summer 1950

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