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Shadow of Doubt

Shadow of Doubt

In the world of espionage, danger lurks around every corner, trust is hard to come by, and finding love is almost impossible.

After successfully uncovering a double agent in their ranks, rookie spies Jenny Nicolay and Sawyer Finn are finally ready to take the next step in their careers and their relationship.

But fate deals them a cruel hand when Sawyer is abruptly transferred to a mundane desk job in the Dallas office. Left to navigate treacherous waters alone, Jenny’s mission is to locate the mysterious Cuban Blue Diamond, all while adjusting to a new, untested partner.

As she digs deeper into the covert world of intelligence, Jenny unearths shocking secrets about the diamond and realizes its true nature isn’t crystal clear. She must act swiftly to safeguard the precious artifact from falling into the wrong hands.

In the shadow of doubt, can love light the way and help Jenny outmaneuver her adversaries to secure the Cuban Blue Diamond?

Spring 1950

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