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★ From the Moment They Met it was Espionage ★

Summer, 1949

Haunted by a family scandal, Jenny Nicolay boards a train for a fresh start in Texas. The master of disguise charms her way into the heart of the small town. And the heart of the handsome private eye, Sawyer Finn.

But when an encoded message meant for a Russian spy turns Lake Falls upside-down, Sawyer and Jenny embark on a treacherous journey for the truth. In a town with more secrets than people, anyone could be the Russian spy.

Can Jenny navigate her growing feelings and crack the code in time? Or will the dangerous pursuit drown her in international espionage?

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Book Reviews
"One of the freshest and most entertaining books I've ever read. Smart, funny characters, plot twists and humor that's both homespun and sophisticated. Brittany E. Brinegar has a lifelong fan in me."
"...strong female characters...amazing to see especially since this book does take place in 1949."
"ending is sooooo cool and I can't wait to read the next book!"
"If you loved Nancy Drew books growing up you will definitely love this book...Nancy Drew vibes, but the adult version."
"(Jenny) isn't afraid to call people out, and to put her two cents in."
"All the characters were likable and well-developed, but Sawyer on my heart!"
Enigma of Lake Falls
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