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Death by Flapper

In a sea of bachelors, Penelope's dance card is a clue to murder.

Death by Flapper

In the wake of her husband's untimely demise, Penelope Van Keesler is coerced into attending a lavish ball by her meddling mother. With their family's fortune teetering on the edge of extinction, Mother is determined to secure a wealthy match for her daughter. Whether she wants it or not.

Dallas high society is crawling with eligible bachelors to save a family fortune. But when Penlope’s dance partner, a national hero pilot, drops dead outside of the speakeasy, she ignores societal norms and sets out to discover whodunit.

The pilot’s suspicious death sends shockwaves through Dallas and leaves the police department scratching their heads. Armed with her charm, infectious laughter, and a razor-sharp mind, Penelope ruffles feathers and attempts to solve the puzzling mystery from the shadows.

Will Penelope convince the skeptical authorities to accept her aid before the killer vanishes? Or will her stubborn pursuit of justice jeopardize her loved ones and their precarious fortune?

Dallas 1924

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Death by Flapper
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