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Death by Railway

Murder on the Rocky Peaks Mountain Express

Death by Railway

All aboard the most luxurious train route in the country. No expense is spared to pamper travelers on an enchanting ride through the snow-capped mountains. Penelope van Kessler, a stylish young sleuth embarks on the trip with a secret agenda - find a thief who has been stealing from passengers.

But when a wealthy woman is found murdered in her lush, private compartment, Penelope’s investigation is derailed and rerouted. A U.S. Marshal takes charge and steamrolls the case with his one-track-mind approach.

With all the passengers trapped in the one-horse town of River Springs, Colorado, a cunning killer lurks among them. As tensions rise and suspicions swirl, Penelope must rely on her razor-sharp wit and keen insights to unmask the murderer before he strikes again.

Will she uncover the truth before the final whistle blows, or will trusting a new ally spell the end of the line for the Heist Society team?

Autumn, 1924

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Death by Railway
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