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Death by Fortune

Keeping up appearances takes on a deadly twist. In a house filled with whispers, Penelope's the one who listens.

Death by Fortune

Decoration Day in a beachside Connecticut town is roaring with scandal when wealthy businessman Howard Sinclair's demise is suspiciously labeled a suicide. Penelope van Kessler, a stylish young widow with a penchant for detective work has her instincts screaming foul play.

With her adorable poodle sidekick, Penelope embarks on her first official case. Undercover in a world of opulence and cutthroat relatives she sets out to untangle the web of lies surrounding the Sinclair family. But in a grand house where even the servants harbor secrets, the line between friend and foe blurs.

In a family where envy is greener than money, Penelope must prove her keen eye for fashion is matched only by her sharp instincts for solving crime. Can she overcome her personal demons and societal expectations to unravel the sinister plot? Or will the dance with danger claim her as the next victim?

Summer 1924

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Death by Fortune
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