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Antiques, Alibis, and Auctions

Antiques, Alibis, and Auctions

Hidden treasures can be deadly.

The annual Spring-Cleaning Auction is kicking off in Lake Falls, Texas and twin sisters Samantha and Lizzie Brown are each hoping to snag a hidden treasure. But when a mysterious armoire is accidentally purchased by an erratic paddle-waving bidder, the sisters find themselves embroiled in a dangerous mystery.

Using her connections as a local reporter, Samantha investigates the origins of the armoire, only to discover it may be tied to a counterfeiting operation on the outskirts of town. Lizzie, who works for a private investigator, digs into the suspects, which include a wealthy widow, an auction appraiser, and a gossip columnist.

As the twins delve deeper into the case, they find themselves dodging greedy suspects and a secret that threatens to tear the town apart. Despite the dangers, they are determined to solve the case before anyone else gets hurt.

Will Samantha and Lizzie be able to catch the criminals and put an end to the counterfeiting operation once and for all? Or will the secrets hidden within the armoire turn out to be deadly?

Antiques, Alibis, and Auctions
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