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Sleuths, Sabotage, and Sandcastles

Sleuths, Sabotage, and Sandcastles

The only thing hotter than the Texas sun is a sandcastle competition worth kidnapping for.

The last thing Lizzie Brown wants to do on the 104-degree August day is participate in the Sandcastle Showdown. But thanks to her overly competitive twin sister, they’re challenging the four-time champ. When the eccentric inventor vanishes before defending his crown, everyone brushes it off – except the twins.

A cryptic phone call sparks the twin’s suspicion of foul play, thrusting them into a search for their most formidable competitor. Amidst the searing temperatures and the shifting sands of suspicion, the twins enter a race against time to unearth the buried secrets.

Can Lizzie and her sister beat the relentless heat and uncover the truth behind the inventor's vanishing act before it's too late?

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Sleuths, Sabotage, and Sandcastles
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