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Rodeo, Ransom, and Fireworks

Rodeo, Ransom, and Fireworks

The fireworks started early but this ain’t their first rodeo.

The annual Star-Spangled Rodeo in Lake Falls, Texas is supposed to be a 4th of July celebration, but this year, bad luck is in the air. First the cash box goes missing, and just when the organizers think things couldn't get any worse, a prized bull is kidnapped. In its place is a chilling ransom note with an impossible demand.

Twin sisters Lizzie and Samantha Brown, who moonlight as amateur sleuths, are drawn into the mystery out of necessity. Lizzie is managing the Twin Bluebonnet Ranch for the first time and she can't let the bull's disappearance tarnish her debut ride. Samantha, a champion barrel racer, knows the rodeo scene like the back of her hand. Together they interview a disgruntled rodeo clown, a used car salesman, and a mysterious out-of-towner.

With time running out and a midnight deadline looming, the twins begin to wonder if the bull's kidnapping might be a smokescreen for something even more sinister.

Can Samantha and Lizzie unravel the web of suspects and thwart the cattle rustlers before they make good on their threats? Or will the twin’s eight second ride be their last?

Rodeo, Ransom, and Fireworks is a rootin' tootin' Fourth of July mystery that will keep you on the edge of your saddle!

Rodeo, Ransom, and Fireworks
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