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Ballots, Belles, and Blackmail

Ballots, Belles, and Blackmail

Judges bribed, election tied. Every smile hides a secret hotter than a jalapeno.

Welcome to Lake Falls, Texas, where the air is thick with excitement and suspicion. In the midst of an emergency election for sheriff, tensions rise as the two candidates find themselves locked in a tie. As the town braces for another round of voting, sabotage rears its ugly head, prompting private eye Lizzie to step in and unravel the tangled web of deceit.

Meanwhile, at the train station, a Southern Belle pageant adds a splash of glamor to the small-town scene. But behind the dazzling smiles and fluttering fans, rumors swirl of judges being bribed to sway the outcome. Determined to uncover the truth, reporter Samantha dons her undercover persona, delving into the heart of the pageant world.

With the fate of the sheriff's office hanging in the balance and whispers of corruption echoing through the town, twin sisters Lizzie and Samantha must navigate a maze of secrets and scandals to untangle the mysteries of ballots, belles, and blackmail. Will they uncover the truth before it's too late, or will their charming town fall prey to the dark forces at play?

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Ballots, Belles, and Blackmail
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