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Turkey, Thievery, and Twins

Turkey, Thievery, and Twins

They wanted a feast, but what they got was a mystery with all the trimmings.

Twins Samantha and Lizzie hoped for a peaceful Thanksgiving in their charming Texas town. But when Lizzie's boss, a seasoned private investigator, entrusts her with a baffling case, their holiday takes a curious turn.

A priceless family heirloom, on loan to the museum, vanishes during the annual Pilgrim Pageant in front of hundreds of witnesses. Left in its place is Gobbles, the town Turkey, who every year gets a stay of execution for the holiday feast.

Lizzie suspects the elusive newcomer orchestrated the daring switcheroo. Tensions flared between him and her boss, when he failed attempt to purchase the heirloom the day prior. The case seems open and shut. But there's a hitch: the town newcomer has an unbreakable alibi.

Samantha and Lizzie are determined to leave no cranberry unturned as they unravel a web of secrets and prove even the tightest alibis can't hide the truth when the twins are on the case.

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Turkey, Thievery, and Twins
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